Determination, expertise and passion,  30 years of experience gained on his own  and at the races, gave to Ciocioni Sospensioni a consolidated reputability extremely able on the elaboration and enhancement of shock absorbers and leader for race suspension of Off Road, Supercross, Enduro and Supermotard.

The modern methods for preparation and customization of the products; reliability, high skills and punctuality are the strengths, thanks to a constant search and the use of the best products in the marketplace.

Ciocioni Sospensioni boasts a wide customers, from the racer to amateur.  ďI accept every kind of request because I work on every kind of bikeĒ. Making  an appointment or contacting by phone or e-mail for those who donít live in Sabina Ė the region where the shop is situated Ė is the best way to evaluate the problem and reach  the best solution for the bike and its owner. The delivery of the goods, made after passing strict functions test, will be done by express courier in Italy or abroad, after all payments have been made including  shipping and handling.


Paolo Ciocioni, his history:

ď1980: thirty years ago, when I was sixteen, I started to race with motorbikes: Aspes 50, Beta 50, Ancillotti 125, Beta 125, Ktm 250. I had a very poor carrier as a pilot, because my parents didnít agree with my passion, so I hiddenly trained myself .Thatís why Iíve never obtained good results, but at the opposite, Iíve gathered a long list of accidents!

Since I rode I always believed that the most important thing is the attitude and so the suspension. I work according to build, height, weight and way to ride, they ensure stability and good performances. Focusing on this part of the bike is essential, it allows to customize the means, until you feel altogether with it. And then comes the confidence, the feeling, the necessary love to sacrifice oneself to give the best.

Iím aware of my work, I can make all pilotes be happy ! For who has choosen this sport I can help then show their true talent and passion. I also help many boys who donít race but love motorbikes on their spare time. I try to transmit them some of my little secrets to improve their technique. Going slowly, trying to ďfeelĒ the mean, you can learn to understand it and catch some important details which, once applied, give you lots of pleasure to ride, with many great results.

A neat and customized bike, according to many little solutions,  is what I assure all along. A pleasant bike, which doesnít tire but gives fun and confidence. This is what my boys want, to have fun, to improve themselves and face any kind of circuit in any ground condition.Ē


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